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Pleats Please!: Fashion Brand Workshop in collaboration with Pleats Please by Issey Miyake
October 2012

Project Leader: Annamaria Tartaglia
Project Assistant: Caterina Lunghi

Brand Management Project:
The aim of the project was to develop a brand strategy to launch Pleats Please fragrance on the Italian’s market, integrating all the marketing levers available.

The main goal of our project is to create a strategy that is special and extraordinary, that will inspire people, and leave an impression on them. After research and brainstorming, we quickly noticed our project following the evolution of a cocoon – for this reason we have decided to base our concept on the “cocoon”. After taking a closer look at our customer and Italian women, we decided our starting point would be the development of an event calendar. For each month, we have organized particular activities in different fields like mass media, trading grounds, and common places where people gather. We have placed a large focus on guerilla marketing in order to spark curiosity and attract attention. At the beginning of the launch, we will place large cocoon imitations in popular areas of five Italian cities. Following this, we will place pop up flower stores in Milan during the first autumn months, including Fashion Week. Amidst this, we will host one private and one public event at the beginning of each season, as well as an innovative training program for our beauty assistants and consultants. We will send our beauty staff on a unique cruise training in order to create an attachment to Pleats Please brand. We will also implement standard advertising in magazines, on TV, and billboards. Since one of our most powerful mediums is our network of press, we will host a spectacular press conference where we will present the elements of the new fragrance, and create a night to remember with a beautiful venue, good food, live music, and a few unique details. With regards to our online presence, we will elaborate the already existing facebook page for Pleats Please fragrance, and expand it by incorporating it into our Cocoon Project Competition. We will also have some periods where we will invest in banner ads for some online magazines and blogs. The other components in our plan are promotions and Christmas campaigns; we will launch a Pleats Please Christmas gift set to encourage holiday sales.

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Calvin Klein Collection: Investigating Product Management Complexity: from concept to product in collaboration

November 2012

Project Leader: Claudio Marenco Mores

Product Management Project:
Understanding and elaborating the DNA of Calvin Klein and the peculiar features of the Collection Brand the aim of the project was to design and set a capsule collection of accessories that would feature the core elements of CKC fashion.

Our accessories capsule collection for Calvin Klein Collection has been inspired by the bright dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis. After reading the Linea Pelle trend analysis for AW 13/14, we selected the Northern Lights trend to be our main muse. We selected three main fabrics that reflected this natural phenomenon from the WSGN leather trends for the selected season. All shapes and materials of our collection were born from the figures of comets, and the palette of winter colors with a Scandinavian feel, respectively. Our motivation was to create an innovative bag, which was unique and different. We believe that the finger insert clutch, along with its ability to separate into two bags, sets our bag apart from others. Our capsule collection mixes high-quality python leather, and metal, to create a luxurious representation of Calvin Klein Collection. Regarding communication, we have chosen Emily Blunt to represent the collection, and we have suggested launch events in all major fashion cities.

Focus on Digital Fashion Strategies for Burberry

December 2012

Project Leader: Andrey Golub

Digital Strategy Projects:
The aim of the project was to analyze the digital communication and sales strategies of Burberry identifying new strategic opportunities.

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Cartier Eyewear & Perfumes Brand Image Repositioning Through Innovative Retail Marketing Strategy

January 2013

Project Leader: Silvia Barbieri and Marie-Pierre Schickel

Cartier has recently launched on the italian market the ring-inspired Trinity prescription frames collection.
The aim of the project was to develop an integrated below the line retail marketing strategy, focusing on innovatve BTL campaign concepts to create the buzz, build traffic in partner retail stores and recruit a younger feminine target, trying to overcome a fairly “conservatve” retail environment.

Cartier has longtime been considered a brand for the most wealthy and the more elderly of people. Within our mandate to reposition their brand image, we have targeted a younger customer, who is affluent and ambitious. Our concept is inspired by the tagline “…because everyone loves surprises”. Because love is bigger than just romantic love, we have used balloons to symbolize surprise and friendship. In terms of marketing tools, we have started a repositioning by a guerilla marketing initiative, where we will have fun, young people, giving out trinity balloons, in gold, rose gold, and silver, with the words of trinity printed on each balloon. Attached will be a flyer to encourage downloading the phone application. In addition, a pop-up walk-through exhibit will occur at this time in Milan, Florence, and Rome. The phone application will be very integrative, and will include a store locator and a virtual trying on of the glasses. Our visual merchandising will showcase the trinity balloons, and our short video. Once in the store, there will be iPad’s at each POS, which will allow people to again, virtually try on the glasses, and share it with friends. They will also be able to send  virtual facebook balloons to their facebook friends, but only if they like the Cartier page. By doing so, they will have a chance to “Surprise someone with a trip to Paris”.  Through these initiatives, we feel Cartier will be able to reposition their brand to target a younger client, and also to increase awareness about their Trinity eyewear collection.

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Fashion Buyer Workshop in collaboration with Camera Italiana Buyer Moda

January 2013

Project Leader: Alessandro Caron

Fashion Buyer Workshop:
The aim of the project was to elaborate a purchasing proposal and brand mix for woman’s collection and accessories to be placed in a multi-brand store located in New York.

Whilst creating the concept for a multi-brand store in New York City, we determined that our space needed to be different. The average New York person is exposed to so many new things on a daily basis, that we wanted to create an experience where culture meets uniqueness, and more importantly, where art meets technology. Our store name, 13.II.13, was the date of when the concept was conceived; so that we always remember when we started and how we will move forward. Our 25-44 year old target woman understands craftsmanship and appreciates a creative retail experience. We have chosen a designer blend that is mostly product/research brands, but also contemporary. We have mixed bold patterns, with strong shapes and silhouettes. To fit with our heritage vision, we have included vintage pieces from luxury designers. In order to create an interesting store experience, we will feature a monthly exhibition for selected pieces, as well as a “museum” section near our juice bar, where customers can understand the story behind certain pieces, and enjoy a retail space where they can spend their free time.

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Fashion Buyer Workshop in collaboration with Camera Italiana Buyer Moda

March 2013

Project Leader: Grazia Parisi

Communication and Events Workshop:
Main objective was to make a proposal for the event launch of the brand-new concept store of 10 Corso Como in Shanghai. The project is in real time: 10 Corso Como is going to open the new concept store in Shanghai in September 2013.

For the opening of the new Corso Como 10 store in Shanghai, we wanted to create a fusion of Italian and Chinese culture. While Corso Como 10 was bringing Italian flavor to Nanjing Rd, we wanted to bring an important symbol of Chinese culture to Corso Como 10. This is where our panda concept was born. We used the black and white circular forms of the Corso Como 10 logo to create the face of the panda, which we implemented into the press kits, store installation, and exclusive products. We will create buzz with a Panda Flash Mob activity, nine days before the store opening. We also decided to use an innovative QR code cookie, in the shape of a panda, and panda smartphone plugs for VIP, in small “oyster pail” boxes, as invitations to our opening event. Seeing as though social media is a crucial element in Chinese culture at the moment, we have suggested that Corso Como 10- Shanghai be present on sites such as Weibo, RenRen, and Qzone. Important journalists, bloggers, and fashion related people, were all invited to the event. Before entering the event, guests will pass through the panda installation, where they can see the garden, photography by chosen artists, fashion and art exhibit, and indulge in some Italian/Chinese fusion finger foods.

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